Wishes come true

LAMPART develops each model using their expert skill and knowledge of style. Each model is created by interpreting and giving shape to our customer’s wishes. The LAMPART catalog features our customers’ favourite lighting solutions. But customers are also encouraged to create their own lighting solutions under our expert guidance. Together with our customers, we are constantly creating new and exciting models.

LAMPART, at the forefront of innovation and design. We make your wishes come true. For sixty years now LAMPART has been a byword for elegance and luxury in classic "Italian style" lighting worldwide. In business since the early '50s, the company still operates in this specialty sector at the highest levels of quality, in the name of a tradition that is unmatched, committing itself directly to the design and manufacture of prestigious cast brass items.
An discerning clientele is not deceived by passing fads, but chooses prestigious and stylish furniture and fixtures, worthy of the most elegant and distinguished homes.