Design and Manufacture

A preliminary step: the Project

LAMPART’s heritage is its experience, passion and pride in its history and work ethos.

This, combined with its classic and widely appreciated collections, allows LAMPART to give shape to all its customer’s requirements, ensuring a stylish touch to the most sophisticated interior design projects.

Our Work

LAMPART SYSTEM meticulously care every step of production allowing to obtain chandeliers, lamps and sconces, unique and able to become a real furniture for the most exclusive houses.

After the design phase follows the creation of the molds which must be transferred to the production characteristics that emerge from the project on paper.
The stage production itself is via the processing of metals, based on the "DIE" and draw attention to the subtle and delicate alchemy that this process requires, enhancing the
metal itself and giving the appearance of the finished product that will last over time .

The phrase treatment "GALVANIC" that follows, is realized according to the type of final finish. 

The individual pieces are then assembled by hand, assembled with care because nothing is left to chance. 

Are then inserted, where applicable, Bohemian crystal, lampshades, fabric, glass or other materials chosen by the customer which enhance light fixtures that become so real pieces of furniture.

- Each item can be requested at any Lampart finish

- The colors shown in the photos are indicative as they play on through letterpress printing paper does not report on brass finish in a completely faithful manner.

- Being individually and hand-crafted produced items finish may vary depending on the supplier.

- The request for any special colors by customers can be evaluated individually by Lampart.